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"The four prerequisites for a successful real estate developer are guts, imagination, persuasion, and integrity. Like a four-legged table, if one leg is missing, it wobbles"
~ George Bockl — Milwaukee Real Estate Pioneer


301 Commission Row

301-315 North Broadway


The Ludington Estate Commission Houses were built in 1894 by the H.C. Koch & Co. The building housed the Railway Salvage Company in the early twentieth century before the street became the heart of the wholesale grocery industries located in the Third Ward. Much of the fruits and vegetables distributed throughout the region for over 100 years originated from "Commission Row" vendors. This was the heart and soul of the local Italian produce community until the 1990's.

We acquired this building from Tony Gagliano and Sons Inc. in 2007. The entire wood pile and cap foundation, sidewalk vault, and demising walls were rebuilt and reinforced. All new mechanical systems, windows and doors, and flooring were installed throughout. All exposed cream city brick walls and heavy timber ceilings were sandblasted and cleaned. A 40-car underground secured and heated parking garage was added.

Boutique Larrieux and Anthropologie Inc. are our retail tenants on the main level. Johnson Controls is an office tenant and Digital Measures, Inc. is in the penthouse. Office space on floors 2 and 3 is available for lease.