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Suite 200
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
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Retail-Office/After hours:

"Benefiting people is the most powerful selling tool"
~ George Bockl — Milwaukee Real Estate Pioneer


The Nazro Building (AKA "Downtown Mini-Warehouse")

170 South Second Street


The Nazro Hardware Building was erected in 1873 by George Burnham. At the time it was one of the largest hardware stores in the world with over one million cubic feet of storage for goods. The brick and heavy timber building with beautiful cast iron Corinthian columns has a basement and four full stories. Having been built on an area of once navigable waters that have since dried up, twenty feet below the basement floor is the hull of a wrecked vessel buried where it sunk.

The building houses GEM Ventures and a few select office users on the main level and the Downtown Mini Warehouse a safe and secure storage facility for residential, office, and commercial storage needs.